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My Name Is Darryl J Mclaughlin, I Would Like To Tell You A Little About Myself And What This Website Has To Offer You. I Appreciate Your Interest And Value Your Time Spent Here.

 As You Continue To Move Forward Through This Website I Would Like For You To Remember Just One Thing. I Am Just Like You! A Man Trying To Make The Best Of This LIfe We Have been Blessed With. I Will Never Claim To Be Perfect Because I’m Nowhere Near. All I Can Do Is Be Honest And Humble And Loving Of All Who Cross My Journey’s Pathway. While Leaving Home At An Early Age, I Learned Real Quick What It Takes To Survive In The World. You Must Work Hard Everyday. Never Give Up On Anything You Feel Is Worth Fighting For, And Always Continue To Gain Knowledge. As An Avid Outdoors Man I Have Had The Pleasure Of Experiencing Some Of The Most Beautiful Moments Nature Has To Offer. I Am A Firm Believer In Living Life To The Fullest. I Take Chances To See Where It Takes Me Instead Of Just Hoping For A Winning Lottery Ticket. I Challenge All My Fears Head On By Taking The Chances To Conquer Them. I Believe In Facing My Fears, Instead Of Them Controlling My Life’s Outcome. I Have Spent Three Decades Dreaming About Being My Own Boss. So I Am Here To Take On Another Challenge To See Where It Leads Me. One That I Am Willing And Excited To Pursue. I Feel Within This Challenge I Can Finally Show The World Who I Am, What I Believe In , and Finally Be Able To Pay It Forward! However, Of All The Challenges, And All The Heartfelt Moments I Have Experienced, I Know That Being A Son, Brother, Uncle, Husband, And A Father With 8 Grandchildren To Be The Ultimate Moments. No Matter What Journey Life Presents You, Family Moments Are The Best Life Has To Offer!!

Darryl J Mclaughlin


I Have Designed This Website For You, The Online Shopper. Believe Me, I Know How Frustrating It Can Be To Shop Online. Spending Hours, Days, Even Weeks Going From Site To Site Looking For What You Want To Buy. The Stress And Frustration Of Not Knowing Where To Go Or What Site Provides What. With Life Being Filled With So Many Time Consuming Matters, Like Working All Day, Rushing Home To Get Dinner Ready For The Family, And Then Getting The Kids Ready For Bed. Whatever Your Situation May Be, I Have Designed This Site To Help  Eliminate Some Of The Stress And Frustration. I Have Designed A One Stop, Online Shopping Resource Directory, So That You Can Eliminate Hours Doing The Research Yourself. As You Continue To Shop On This Site, You Will Notice That I Am Promoting The Most Trusted And Well Known Companies. I Will Add New, Safe And Secure Sites As Soon As Approved To Promote. I Have Designed A Community Page For Us To Connect On A More Personal Level.  It Will Also Allow Me To Send You All The Updates On Newly Added Shopping Sites, As Well As Future Goals And Answering Questions To Your Feed Back. There Will Be No Reason For You To Waste Your Time Searching For Hours, As All The Resources You Need Will Be Right Here On This Website. I Appreciate The Value In Saving My Customers Time So That You Can Get On With What Really Matters, Creating Beautiful Memories With Family And Friends!!

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My Goals For This Website Are To Provide You With The Safest, No Hassle, Stress Free Online Shopping Experience You Deserve. In Order To Accomplish This It Will Take An Open Line Of Communication Between Us. I Have Created A Community Page And A Contact Us Page For This Line Of Communication. I Ask For Your Feedback So That I Can Provide You With The Best. I Will Do Research On A Site, To Make Sure It Meets Our Standards, Before I Agree To Promote It. I Will Assure You That I Will Not Promote A Site That Creates Problems, Or Stress For Our Community Family. So Your Feedback Is Very Important.


My Vision For The Future Of This Website, Is To Become The Largest Online”Shopping Mall”. A Bold Vision, That I Know In My Heart Will Become As Such. How Do I Know This?  Because I Believe In You The Online Shopper To Help Me Make This Happen. Only Through You, Will This Site Reach Its Full Potential. Share With Your Family, Friends, And Co Workers To Help This Site Grow. To Become Real, I Ask For Your Help In Sharing My Vision With the World. Obviously As Designer And Visionary Of This Site, I Am Committed To Do My Part To Spread My Vision To The World. I Believe In You, As I Do Myself. So, Go Now And Spread The Word That There Is A New Online “Shopping Mall” In Town! Together We Can Make This Vision A Reality For All To Enjoy!   




By Now I Hope You Have A Good Feeling About Who I Am And The Vision I Have For The Future Of This Website.  I Designed It With The Idea That By Joining, You Also Become A Part Of My Family. I Promise Each And Everyone, That I Will Be Here For You. As A Part Of My Family, I Vow To Do Everything Within My Abilities, To Protect And Accommodate Your Needs. Also Within The Community Page You Will Notice Just How Much I Appreciate You And Willing to Pay Forward.